Sponsorships securing Qatari students’ futures

January 21, 2020

Qatari ASD senior students have a lucky privilege.

They can register for sponsorships after they get accepted to university so they can secure jobs after completing undergraduate programs.

The requirement for getting a sponsorship is a minimum score of 5 on the IELTS test. Qatari students or students with Qatari mothers are eligible candidates for sponsorships. According to Mr. Mohammed Al-Khulaifi, high school graduate, “Having a sponsorship helps you feel secure knowing that after you graduate you have a job.”  According to The Guardian, 89% of graduates are employed; however, that does not mean that they are employed in what they are specialized in.

Getting a sponsorship does have drawbacks to it. For instance, it makes it difficult for a person to switch majors during their studies. Switching majors can lead to you losing your sponsorship, which can lead to students having to pay back everything that was provided by the past sponsorship.

Mr. Khalid Al Subaie, CEO of Bank Barwa, said that the importance of a sponsorship is that its gives you an easier path to building and securing your future. He said,  “Many people apply, but not everyone gets it. The money that they save up in the four years of studying helps them start personal businesses, allowing them to have another source of income. You build a name for yourself and you build connections. It’s a privilege that not everyone in the world can have. It’s a good opportunity.”

Mr. Al-Khulaifi said that after the blockade started nearly two years ago, most Qataris decide to stay here in Qatar to study. The universities here provide a very limited number of majors, so at the end of their university stints, people will be applying for the same jobs. If they are all applying to jobs already secured by sponsored students, then more people will struggle to find a place to work related to their specialization.


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