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Fiorentina H.
Fiorentina (Fio, for short) is a perpetually stressed and sleep-deprived junior from Taiwan. Although she just transferred to ASD last year, she was pleased to undertake the role of junior editor-in-chief for ASD Times and prose section editor for Mosaic right away. She looks forward to dedicating most of her barely existent free time to both ASD Times and Mosaic. In her spare free time, Fio enjoys reading historical fiction and writing her own stories and poems. Her favorite writer is William Shakespeare, purely for all the puns and vulgar jokes he makes intellectuals read. She has a strong appreciation for wordplay and satire and a justified distaste for her younger brother. Her favorite foods include anything with matcha, chocolate as dark and bitter as her soul, and seaweed as salty as she is. Her dream is to utilize the power of words to reach out, to inspire, and to raise awareness for political, social, and humanitarian issues. Regardless of whether or not she is forced to pursue a more practical occupation, Fio aspires to be a lifelong writer.

Fiorentina H., Senior Editor in Chief

Jun 08, 2017
Schedule changes to be finalized for new school year (Story)
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