Opinion: Stay home. We don’t want to die.

Fatima A.S.

Fatima A.S., Reporter

COVID-19 has been a worldwide issue.The wide-spreading respiratory virus is ruining our lives, so stay home. The virus spreads through interactions between people. It’s transmitted through touching your face, mouth, nose, ears. Schools have shut down in most parts of the world, including Doha. Many workplaces have been closed due to the virus.

How dumb can a person be, thinking that it’s not a serious virus if all these big changes are happening? 

Quarantine! Stay home and stop physically interacting with the outside world. Social distancing and self isolation, probably the most common terms used in 2020. Governments worldwide have asked and repeated many times to their people asking, begging them to stay home. According to the Italian Ministry, people are sneaking out to go get their hair and nails done and also dipping their toes in the beaches. For a worldwide emergency, people made it clear that their looks matter most, even though nobody should see them walking in the streets to begin with!

If people still want to go out because they don’t care about COVID-19, stop hoarding masks and gloves! Young people have been careless saying that the virus will kill them so they are living their best life. Even though the chance of dying is lower for younger age groups, it doesn’t mean they won’t need to be put in hospitals for two weeks. With numbers booming daily in different countries, hospitals have been over crowded with people that are infected and are being treated. According to CNN, people have been hoarding gloves and supplies, and now many hospitals around the world are having supply shortages.

Although younger people don’t die from the virus, the supplies used to treat them are limited. There aren’t enough supplies for the people who are in critical condition. If you get COVID-19, the symptoms for those with strong immune systems are so slight, so they may make you unaware that you are infected. But even though the symptoms aren’t showing very much, you can still make other people sick. That is why we have to quarantine and self isolate, so that people can’t get others sick. If you do spread it, not everyone’s body will react the way yours did.

It will spread to the people they live with, which will eventually spread even more, and before you know it, there will be more cases and more deaths.


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