Stranger Things Review


Saisha D. & Solana B., Reporters


Season 1

Stranger Things, Season One, is set in a town in the 1980 ’s named Hawkins. Living in this town are 4 middle school boys, Mike, Lucas, Will and Dustin who thrive for adventure. While strange things are happening in town Will Byers goes missing from Hawkins, leaving his friends with a mystery to solve. Now the whole town is on a search to find Will, while the boys discover a strange new girl.

Season 2

Season Two of Stranger Things starts a year later, with mysterious things still happening in Hawkins.  Will is not feeling any better and cannot seem to get the Upside Down out of his head. Hopper is on an investigation when farmers start getting upset. In Hawkins, an old friend returns as well as a new alliance arrives.  

Based on 50 ASD Middle and High School students 

Review (Spoilers)

Season 1

   I enjoyed watching Season One of Stranger Things. When the show came out, there were many people praising it which encouraged me to watch it. While watching the show, I was satisfied as it met my expectations. The first thing that made me appreciate the show was the acting. The whole cast did an outstanding job of portraying the characters. It especially amazed me that 12- and 13-year-old kids could do such a wonderful job. The complexity of the characters was beautifully displayed by the talented cast. Another highlight from the show was the cinematography. The dark, sinister nature of the plot was reflected through the chilly gloom of the scenes. The originality of the plot was also a major factor in my appreciation for this season. It made you laugh, it made you cry, but it kept you engaged throughout the show. The disappearance of Will Byers was an interesting storyline which kept me hooked to find out where and why he disappeared. It was also enthralling to see the strange things occurring in the town of Hawkins and how the main characters dealt with it. I especially liked seeing Eleven come into the boys’ lives and see their friendships grow. It was unique seeing the show focused on different sets of people rather than one set of people and how each problem was related to the introduction. I loved how the season finale left the viewers with a cliffhanger which motivated me to watch the second season. Overall, Season One of Stranger Things was remarkable and I would definitely recommend it to others.

Season 2

    I really enjoyed Stranger Things, Season Two, because of the overall plot, the unexpected friendships, and the season finale. The overall plot kept me engaged and interested. I found that this season had more of a plot because most of the first season was just introducing characters and getting to know their personalities but now there was more room to create a more complex storyline. I really enjoyed seeing characters that I would not have guessed, come together and help each other. The two unexpected pairs I liked the most were Eleven and Hopper, and Dustin and Steve. I really liked seeing Hopper, who seems from Season One as if he does not like children, being the father figure for Eleven. I also really enjoyed seeing Dustin and Steve come together and help each other out. Dustin and Steve are both very different characters who have different mindsets; this is why I really loved it when they were giving each other advice. The finales for both Seasons One and Two were very enjoyable, but I enjoyed Season Two’s better. The reason for that is it gave a nice closure to everyone’s relationships. Throughout the show, everyone was off into different groups but towards the end, everyone was together and happy. I also liked that the show ended with a flash to the upside down with the “mind flayer” hovering over Hawkins Middle School. It leaves us with some suspense and room for us to imagine what might happen if there is a next season. Overall, I really loved watching Season Two of Stranger Things.

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