STUCO plans new events, activities for year


Photographer: Claire R.

B. Choi (’19), the STUCO Executive President, presented information regarding the student organization’s new constitution and related changes during the November press conference.

Rawan I. and Claire R.

At the ASD Times November press conference, STUCO Executive President B. Choi (’19) discussed multiple changes to the HS Student Council as well as upcoming events.

Last year, after six without significant organizational changes, the student council executive team created a new constitution, with major changes in both positions and voting procedures. Previously, the group comprised five student council executives with no particular roles or responsibilities. This year, there are four distinct positions: a president, a vice president, a secretary, and a treasurer. The constitution describes each of their roles in holding meetings and planning events.

Also changed is the fact that this year, STUCO is providing an equal voice for grade representatives, who now meet with the executives and have voting power equivalent to the executives’. In prior years, the groups would meet separately.

Each grade’s representatives have been assigned responsibility for one event. For example, this year’s junior representatives A. Grigas (’20) and D. Han (’20) are in charge of the Sadie Hawkins Winter Dance.

Choi went on to describe in more detail the new events the group has been planning. “The Winter Dance was something we discussed for a long time last year,” he explained. Along with the dance, STUCO is planning a hallway decorating competition among the grades, similar to the Halloween decorating competition last year.

“We have also prepared grade-level movie nights which will take place somewhere around March,” he added. The biggest responsibility the HS STUCO executive team has this year is hosting the International Week closing ceremony.

9th grade STUCO insights

A later interview with the ninth-grade representatives revealed a little more about what the council was hoping for regarding the Sadie Hawkins Winter Dance, the first social event of the year. While the event was planned mainly by 11th-grade representatives, the entire council voted on most details. And the executive team determined whether the group would get the event sponsored by a company or whether they would fund it themselves.

The ninth-grade reps suggested that STUCO changes in the way events are planned have already had positive results. In previous years, the group lacked shared primary goals, so they believe less was actually accomplished. With the new system, they said, few well-planned events instead of many poorly thought-out ones should ensure the quality of the events surpasses that of the quantity. They said they hope all those who attend will be glad they decided to do so.

The new ninth-grade representatives said they were enjoying their new roles on the council. “It wasn’t a transition or anything,” claims N. Sabri (‘22). “My goal is just to make sure the school can be as good as it could be, or as good as I can make it with my position.”

Sabri stated that if the students are facing any problems, STUCO reps will try to make sure they are addressed as soon as possible. He also said that if any student came up with an idea for an event and sent it to the STUCO email, they would happily take it into account and discuss the idea to see if it is possible. These ideas can range for plans for next year, or possible events students hope to see.

S. Ali (‘22) agreed with Sabri’s sentiments. If any students are facing any difficulties, whether as simple as broken locks in the bathroom or more challenging ones, they want fellow students to know that STUCO is a force in the high school community that can help resolve them.

STUCO has been known to collaborate sometimes with other clubs to promote them. The group worked with the AV Club for International Week, with special focus on the closing ceremony on Thursday.

STUCO representatives encouraged all HS students to reach out to them for help and support. Any club that wants a shout-out at the next assembly or a partnership of some kind can email STUCO at [email protected]