Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review


Luis V., Reporter


Brawl with your friends and family while choosing a character from an extremely varied roster! Play online or locally with up to eight people. And in single-player mode, venture the World of Light as you fight and uncover spirits and characters until the eventual showdown with giant beings of light and darkness.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a fighting game with a lot of different possibilities. The game provides the player with many different ways to enjoy its experiences, all of which feel rewarding or enjoyable in their own way. Multi-player is for the less serious players who simply want to play the game for the fights, while single-player offers an experience for those who want a story or for those who like to fight with a purpose.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has a lot of variety in the form of stages and characters. The game has 103 stages, with each having three different forms for a total of 309 possible stages to play on! Not only that, but the game provides 78 characters to play as, with each one having eight skins so that the player can feel unique. It is important to mention that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be receiving both DLC characters and stages in the future, which means that there will be even more customization to come.

The game feels extremely responsive, and every hit feels meaningful in some way. Every character has many different moves from which they can use, some of which do more damage but have more drawbacks. The moves are also varied, ranging from shooting fireballs to slamming a sword to even throwing a crown! However, the pinnacle of a character’s moveset is their Final Smash, an extremely powerful attack which can change the tide of battle in an instant.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate also provides an experience for players who like single-player: The World of Light. In this game mode, you start as Kirby after a giant being of light consumed all of the characters. As Kirby, you must fight battles with special conditions in order to obtain spirits and even other characters which you can then fight as. Spirits are, essentially, boosts to your character’s abilities in a certain way. In total, there are 1,297 spirits for the player to obtain and use, providing even further customizability.

Just like the previous Super Smash Bros. game, Ultimate will be receiving patches in the future to help fix bugs and balance problems. In most previous games, the final product was final, meaning that no changes could be made. Even without many patches, the game already feels pretty balanced. The main factor in the outcome of a battle is the skill of the player, with the character not having too much of an effect. This means that players with high amounts of skill will be able to reap rewards because of their effort.


(TL;DR) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a shining example of what a fighting game should aim to be. With an extremely balanced and varied roster of characters and stages, players get to make the most of their experience as they choose what they want. And for players who want a little more, a nice single-player mode awaits them; it provides a fun and challenging experience, which puts a nice cherry on top.