The 2020 freshman experience


Photographer: Claire R.

Gauri S., Reporter

This year’s incoming freshmen have had quite the experience transitioning from middle school. From online assemblies to doing a workout live on zoom for P.E. 9, the class of 2024 has mixed feelings about starting their final years of school virtually. After all, would you be comfortable doing such things? 

On a scale of one to ten, the interviewed ninth-graders rated their overall experience at a mediocre five. Students expressed that they weren’t pleased, but didn’t expect better in these trying times. When asked to comment on their transition, a student said, “In middle school, they told us we needed time management skills. I listened. Now tell me why my grades are no different to my friends who get everything done at midnight?” another stated, “they said it would be the best years of your life. No. It’s tiring.” Most interviewees agreed that free blocks were the only change they appreciated. One certain individual confessed how a lethal combination of free blocks, virtual school, and procrastination ruined her sleep schedule. “It took a while to get my sleep schedule in check. It still isn’t. I capitalized on having a free block first, so sue me.” 

When questioned about workload, students showed expected frustration about the increased number of summatives in high school. According to one student, the most ‘complex’ class this quarter was English. “I definitely need to improve my reading skills and I don’t understand boring texts. In fact, the only thing I remember from the Odyssey is that the Greek let too many people in their homes. I don’t care if you are Zeus. You ain’t coming in without a good reason.” Almost all students admitted a common feeling of hatred towards the newly implemented ‘one-way’ system, one student summed it up as: “[the] arrows. They are a pain.” 

To conclude, here is how a few of our freshmen felt about this new chapter in their life:

“Can high school just be middle school 2.0?”  

“High school musical was a lie. It made me believe that there would be singing and parties all the time.”

“High school is like constantly hitting your rock bottom, you think ‘oh, it couldn’t possibly get worse.’ and then it gets worse.”

Clearly, ASD’s batch of 2024 isn’t too pleased with their year so far. Hopefully, the approaching holidays gives these students a well-deserved break to recollect and start anew. 

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