The 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh War



A photo from a Daily Sabah article called “Research reveals extent of Armenian fake news on mercenaries in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.”

Sebiha S., Reporter

This year, a long-born conflict had been ignited once again to begin the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh War, despite the world’s current health risks. But how did this conflict begin, and why? In this article, we’ll examine the history behind the tensions between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Karabakh, supported by Armenia.

The Nagorno-Karabakh War initially started in 1988 and ended in 1994. Despite this, there were many instances where tensions reignited. Karabakh is a territory that is a part of Azerbaijan but not long after the fall of the Soviet Union, Armenia was invaded. Both nations have been fighting for control over the area, with many resulting ceasefires in between. The UN, getting involved in order to end the conflict, ruled Karabakh as a part of Azerbaijan; however, that did not end the war. Like before, the two former Soviet Union countries started fighting over the area once again this September. What began as a small conflict quickly escalated to become significant and deadly. 

Although the conflict is between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Turkey and Russia did not hesitate to assist their allies. While Turkey has shown immense support to Azerbaijan, Russia is allied with Armenia. Both have said they would help and get involved if necessary, and both sides have accused each other of breaking ceasefires and violating the restrictions put in place between the countries. The conflict had started to take a deadly turn when the killings extended onto civilians as well. Azerbaijan reports that Armenia has attacked many other cities in the country that do not have anything to do with Karabakh and led to the killing of many innocent civilians. Eventually, only three months later, all the countries agreed on a peaceful ending to the war with a ceasefire.

Soyleyen and A. Soyleyen, 14-year-old twins who live in Baku, Azerbaijan, have shared their opinions as they have somewhat first-hand experience of the effects of the conflict. They think that a lot of people are happy and celebrating the end of the war. They also believe that Russia and Turkey’s involvement was for the best since, at the end of the day, it worked out with the countries reaching a ceasefire. The Soyleyen twins were also asked whether they think this conflict can potentially affect other countries. Their response was a no, as the war has already ended and reached a hopefully peaceful ending.

At the end of the day, a lot of unnecessary blood was shed on both sides, and the conflict could’ve been handled a lot better. This conflict ended up affecting many people’s lives in the area. Still, luckily, a ceasefire was reached with the help of Turkey and Russia’s Presidents before it could escalate into something truly horrifying.

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