Top 10 Best Dressed at ASD Prom 2019

Rawan I., Junior Editor-in-Chief

Our junior and senior students arrived at the James Bond-themed prom April 26 in all colors of dresses and suits, and all were adorned with smiles. Below are the top 10 best dressed in no particular order. Nevertheless, everyone was dressed beautifully.

M. Asuncion (’19)

Photographer: Natasha A.














Asuncion came in a beautiful white suit with a classic James Bond bowtie to fit the theme.


I. Montiel Castellano (’20) (left)

Photographer: Hjalmar G.














Montiel came in a beautiful tight-fitted blue gown.


T. Azeem (’20)

Photographer: Aleeza A.














Azeem, our prom prince, arrived in a unique maroon suit with style.


J. Mclean (’20)

Photographer: Michelle M.














Mclean arrived in a stunning gold dress and shined the night away.


J. Ahmed (’20) (left)

Photographer: Maha A.














She arrived in a stunning abaya with crystal details on the side and a beautiful red lip.


E. Ji (’20)

Photographer: Nada A.














Ji wore a deep red floral dress and a cute smile to prom.


R. Abdalla (’20) (second from the left)

Photographer: Amira E.














Abdalla arrived with minimal makeup and a stunning red dress to compliment her natural hair and natural beauty.


S. Wolstenholme (’20)

Photographer: Mackenzie Wheatley














Wolstenholme came in a light blue floral dress with warm toned makeup.


D. Basakci (’19) (left) and D. Wilson (’19) (center)

Photographer: David B.













Last but not least, our seniors Basakci and Wilson arrived in beautiful floral dresses. Basakci’s had sparkle and volume, while Wilson’s was very calm and gorgeous.


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