Track and field provides valuable experience for 9th graders

Marco S., Reporter

How does the track and field after-school activity affect students? Today, I interview three people from ASD’s track and field team to see how this activity affects them. They are beginners who have just started running, and they are not used to this sport. I also asked them how much time they have for school subjects during their practice seasons.

People mostly join ASD’s track and field team because they like the sport and enjoy running, or they want their academic transcript to look good so that they have a higher chance of colleges accepting them.

Marco S.: So why did you join track and field?

N Rodriguez: I mainly joined because of the opportunities I will have at school, and universities will look at it and see I am doing an extra activity.

A Kessey: I joined for my transcript, and that is why I have been doing it the entire year. So it will be good for my college application and that I will be more likely to get in.

L Medda: The reason why I joined track and field is mainly because I kind of like the sport. I have started running pretty recently and I am trying to get better.

It does not seem to get in the way of their school subjects, but it does give them very little free time to do what they want. In fact, sometimes it does get hard for them, but they would just have to be more effective at their school subjects, their homework, and with time management.

Marco S.: Do track and field get in the way of your school subjects?

N Rodriguez: Sometimes it gets in the way of my school subjects. For example, if I have a lot of homework due for a certain day, I have way less time to do it than if I did not have track and field. But overall, I just have to plan better and be more productive.

 A Kessey: I agree with Nick.  Sometimes it gets in the way, but most of the time it doesn’t since I get back from track at 6, and I still have time to do my homework. But it doesn’t give me any free time.

Most of them joined track and field with little experience of proper running and did not know what they were doing in the beginning, but they are hoping that they could get better at it. They also thought that it might get harder as they train more.

Marco S.: Would you consider yourself good at the sport?

N Rodriguez: I would say that I am ok at the sport. I mean, I am a beginner, and there are many people who are much better than me.

A Kessey: I agree with Nick. Although I have experience with running, I haven’t run in a while, and I stopped going to cross country in the last week so I would say that I am ok, like with Nick.

L Medda: I would agree with the others. There are many people that are more experienced than me, but I just started recently, so I hope to get better.


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