Urgent News: School closed until further notice


Photographer: Claire R.

An empty classroom at ASD.

Ranad B. and Claire R.

The Government Communications Office announced in a statement today the closing of all schools and universities in Qatar as of tomorrow until further notice.

Ironically, The Peninsula, one of the newspapers in Qatar, published an article concerning schools in the country two days ago, repeating a statement from the Ministry of Public Health that they had “no need to close them.”

ASD’s high school principal, Mr. Michael Roberts, delivered a statement today through the speakers promptly addressing this news. He highlighted the following points:

  1. No AP and IB Mock Exams will take place tomorrow, and further information regarding them will be communicated through email to the affected students.
  2. For students, there is no school tomorrow.
  3. Online education through Teneen, Zoom, and other platforms will begin Wednesday following the PACT schedule. (It will be a Day 2.)
  4. Students are expected to check their school email periodically, as this is how the school will communicate with them.
  5. Students are also expected to continue their learning independently, as their learning will depend on their effort.
  6. If you are not currently on campus but have essential learning items that you will need throughout the closure, you may come to campus between 8 am and 3 pm tomorrow to get them. After 3 pm tomorrow, you will not have access to campus until further notice.

ASD students were also sent an email with further details about the plans for distance-learning. Many of them have already practiced various virtual-learning exercises in their classes over the past two weeks, and they will receive more information after ASD teachers meet tomorrow to align their communication and expectations.

Mr. Roberts proclaimed that ASD students and staff are remarkably “resilient” and will be able to get through this crisis.