US-Iran tensions affect ASD students

Hayat R., Reporter

Z. Al-Fardan (‘20) believes that the U.S and Iran tensions “were grossly mishandled” by President Donald Trump.  

After Trump ordered the killing of Iran’s most powerful commander on January 3, Qassim Suleimani, tensions in the Middle East region only got worse. As an American school in Qatar, the ASD community is vulnerable. 

Dr. Tom Hawkins, director of the American School of Doha, sent out an email to ASD parents amidst the high tensions. In this email,  a message posted by the US embassy in Qatar advised all US citizens to “to maintain a high level of vigilance and practice good situational awareness” was shared to the parents. 

Although the conflict is between US and Iran, many ASD students feel they have been impacted by the rising tensions. M. Amani (‘20) revealed that she struggles to voice her opinions as an Iranian-American attending an American school. Amani stated, “ I hold both citizenships, but I consider myself Iranian, so it’s kind of an awkward situation to be in.”

Amani also expressed that the WW3 memes that teenagers are spreading across social media platforms were insensitive and rude toward Iranian people who were grieving for their general.

 Al-Fardan, a Qatari student at ASD believes that a war could break out in the region. Al-Fardan worries about the students who plan to attend university in Qatar, as tensions in the region have escalated from the U.S-Iran situation. 

Al-Fardan also worries about her family’s safety and security as the possibility of war is likely in the region. Her family will retire and settle in Qatar very soon, which leaves her family vulnerable if a war breaks out. 

“I will be coming in and out of the country to visit my family in Qatar as a university student in the US. I’m afraid if the current conditions will persist in the future,” says Al-Fardan. 

Qatar has the biggest American military base in the Middle East, and it is a close target as the two countries lie on opposite coasts of the Arabian Gulf. 

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