Varsity women’s soccer team pleasantly surprised by MESAC tournament

Hayat R.

Hayat R., Reporter

The ASD women’s varsity soccer team traveled to Oman in early February to compete in a three-day MESAC tournament. Oman’s 40-day mourning period, however, lowered the level of excitement for the athletes competing in the tournament as the students were informed by ASD Athletic Director Mr. Dave Farmer that no music or cheering would be allowed. Team captain T. Barghouth (‘20) revealed that she was nervous about the potential lack of “hype” for MESAC because “cheering and music is a big part of the tournament.” 

The athletes were pleasantly surprised, however, by how amazing the MESAC trip turned out. Player S. Hammonds (‘20) said that it had been the best MESAC tournament she participated in. Hammonds stated, “Everyone was off their phones and actually bonding with each other and talking instead of just listening to music.”

Though the ASD players fought hard to make an appearance in the finals, they were ultimately placed in the 3rd and 4th place playoff game. Some observers speculated, however, that ACS Abu Dhabi purposely threw away their round-robin game against the Dubai American Academy so they could play them in the finals to secure their gold medal. Many believed that ASD would have been much tougher competition, said Coach Garret Robbins.

Regardless of the outcome of the tournament, all players on the team agreed that it had been the best MESAC trip yet. 

The varsity women’s soccer team started the MESAC tournament with a team photo.


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