Virtual 2020-21 induction ceremonies for ASD’s honor societies


Annika T., Section Editor

All of ASD’s honor societies have annual induction ceremonies to formally welcome and congratulate the students who have spent hours of effort meeting the requirements of the specific society. These events, which were once in-person, have taken a turn to the virtual land of Zoom. 

ASD students who are assimilated into the National Honor Society (NHS), Tri-M Music Honor Society (Tri-M), International Thespian Society, and the National Art Honor Society for this 2020-21 academic have now been congratulated using virtual reactions and a very “homestyle” welcome since all students are literally at home for the ceremonies in lieu of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

One of the most well-attended induction ceremonies is the ceremony for the National Honor Society. Students who are inducted into NHS demonstrate the ideals of scholarship, service, leadership, and character while maintaining a high academic standing of a 3.5+ GPA. The main focus of NHS is to perform charitable acts through service to fundraise for various charities or to raise awareness about social issues. 

And once again, ASD’s chapter of NHS has triumphed this year despite the barriers being thrown at them. This year alone, they collaborated to create a Virtual (Visual) Masterchef Competition, planned initiatives to sponsor a microloan for a hard-working woman, Ms. Adelina Alex in Arusha, Tanzania, and will host a large ‘Read-a-Thon’ event with the Lower Elementary School during the month of February. 

The National Honor Society’s induction ceremony took place on November 1st. An. Toivonen (‘21), the 2021-21 NHS president remarked that “[NHS] tried to make inductions as special as possible by continuing to use the materials we would use for an in-person event. I set-up the candles, the candelabras, the NHS banner, as well as purchased balloons and flowers to ensure that inductees felt properly welcomed into the society by making the set-up as extravagant as possible.” 

An inductee to NHS, H. Ghanam (‘21) emphasized that the ceremony was “a fantastic way to welcome everyone into [the society]” and that “it was so personal and wonderful!”

Mr. Chi-Yan Shang, one of the NHS advisors stated how he appreciated that ASD’s new director, Mr. Steve Razidlo, along with the high school administration, attended the Zoom ceremony, as their appearances added a much more “formal touch” to the event.

As another example of a virtual induction ceremony, the Tri-M Music Honor Society hosted their induction ceremony on October 26th, 2020. The Tri-M Music Honor Society is a society that commemorates students pursuing any aspect of musicianship at ASD. 

Through the use of a personalized slideshow, a prepared script, and a visit from ASD’s own Tri-M alumni, inductees were able to be officially recognized for their contributions to ASD’s music department. Through monthly lunch concerts, morning music in the announcements as well as their collaborations to ensure the musical runs smoothly, inductees of Tri-M will certainly be occupied with making sure the ASD music department only continues to flourish. 

Overall, despite the alarming nature of the current world events, ASD students have continued to accomplish so much during the uncertainty right now virtually and will continue to achieve great things in their prospective clubs. Congratulations to all ASD inductees of these prestigious societies!

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