What’s coming with the 2019 Friendship Festival


Claire R. and Ranad B.

The Friendship Festival is really what it is advertised to be — it promotes collaboration and friendships between people of diverse backgrounds and cultures. This year, however, things have started to change, though many are saying that it’s for the better.

The booths that are coming to ASD are exciting and unique this year, as the festival will include a Baskin-Robbins booths, face painting, a henna booth, and many different games for kids. ASD will hold the booths in the elementary and middle/high school fields on ASD campus.

In the past, the event used to have stricter guidelines that had to be followed. Now, the booths are more controlled by those running them, and student groups have the opportunity to make their own concessions. This change has led to other changes in the way the booths are staffed. It will also give those running them more freedom, which organizers hope makes them more willing to try to be successful. Some groups that signed up for booths at the Friendship Festival will get to keep all of their profits this year, in contrast to others when those who ran the booths had to give a percentage of the profit to the PTA. Additionally, the PTA guarantees a minimum of 1000 QR profit for each booth, no matter the type. 

Service credit coordinator Mr. Chi Shang stated, “For many years, the PTA funded many people’s service projects or provided support for that. Things like that get forgotten, so I think it’s important to remember that they’ve been an incredible support to the service program here at ASD.” 

Acting as a go-between for the students running the booths and the PTA, Mr. Shang said, “It’ll be interesting to see because this is the first year we’ve done it this way, so it is very much a work in progress. I think part of it is getting the word out there to the groups on how this is working differently. And of course, the groups have been very on board with it, as it works to their advantage. But of course, all this is on them to actually take a little more ownership on that day. It should be good.”

T-shirts are currently being sold for 50 QR, so come and get a shirt for free entry! For those who have the first shift in their vendors or booths, early entry sales are also being sold at the same place, so make sure to buy those tickets to be able to get in! These are all currently being sold at a table at Gate 8, so make sure to buy some for entry!

Many parents, teachers, students, and staff come from all over Qatar to enjoy the Friendship Festival at this day, and the festival is a representative of the ASD Community on this day. The Friendship Festival is, according to Mr. Shang, “…a tradition since we were a small school to a big school, and it’s something important to keep going.”