Winter Break: A Recap and Places to Visit in Qatar


Photographer: Khadija W.

View from the Katara Park which overlooks the gorgeous cultural center

Khadija W. and Jenna A.

As you already know, this year has been unique, especially this winter break. In previous years, winter break was a time that many people would travel to visit family or be a tourist in new locations! However, due to COVID-19 and strict travel and quarantine restrictions, many families, including many members of the ASD community, opted out of travel plans and made do with staying in Qatar. Most spent this break taking advantage of the amazing weather and exploring all that Qatar has to offer in the winter.

One thing many of the citizens enjoyed was exploring the parks. Qatar has a wide variety of parks that one could even go and sit at for a couple of hours away from your house. The new ⅚ park near Katara in particular had just opened over the break and is an exciting adventure for everyone! The whole park is quite large, and since it is new, the greenery is still growing in, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t look amazing! There even is a maze in the center of the park, which, although much smaller than expected, was still very entertaining! Additionally, long-standing parks such as Aspire were also frequented by Doha residents. These parks saw a wide array of activities, such as picnics along with different forms of exercise like biking and running. With weather this amazing, it’s only natural that people would be drawn to the outdoors.

Another thing that many people enjoy doing during Doha winters is visiting all the different beaches and sand dunes that Qatar has to offer. Many people chose to drive outside of the city and camp out in the desert, with families setting up camp and enjoying the desert nights out on the beach whilst participating in a range of different camping activities around a campfire. Others drive out to the sand dunes, such as the Doha favorite, “The Singing Sand Dunes,” where you can go roll down the dunes and watch the sunset in the desert. One thing is clear: even with COVID-19 restrictions, the ASD community still found a way to get out and enjoy nature.

Some students however weren’t so lucky, as due to different travel restrictions and other circumstances, a few students were forced to spend the majority of their break in mandatory quarantine. They still found ways to have fun though! Students spent their free time starting new shows on Netflix, catching up on work, and just getting some well-deserved rest from a hectic first semester.

The break may be over, but the good weather isn’t so we’ve compiled a list of some of the best outdoor things to do in Doha during the winter:

  1. Visit one of Doha’s many different beautiful parks for a picnic.
  2. Visit the beach! Doha has so many amazing beaches to choose from.
  3. Try out the drive-in cinema in Lusail for a unique movie experience.
  4. Watch the breathtaking desert sunset from the sand dunes.
  5. Make memories around the campfire by spending a night camping in the desert.

Make sure you get outside and try out one of these many fun things in and around Doha before the sun can stop you!